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03.08.2020 - Delta Electronics: Product innovations 2020 and virtual exhibition stand

Delta Electronics extends its range of inverters for commercial and large-scale installations: The M30A and the M50A are revised inverter models with improved technology and design features. The M250HV is a brand-new inverter for large PV projects. The inverters in detail:

  • M30A for rooftop systems in the commercial or agricultural sector
    The three-phase string inverter M30A with a maximum AC apparent power of 33 kVA reaches a peak efficiency of 98.6 %. It also has three MPP trackers which provide the necessary flexibility for the setup of the module strings. Thanks to its IP66 protection, the M30A can be used in the harshest environmental conditions. The innovative cabinet design with a large front door ensures easy access to the internal components.
  • M50A for ground-mounted PV projects and commercial rooftop installations
    The “next bigger model” in Delta’s inverter portfolio with a maximum AC apparent power of 55 kVA and a peak efficiency of 98.7% is the new three-phase string inverter M50A. Its six MPP trackers allow for an easy system design of shaded rooftops and even more complex projects with different module orientations. In addition to the new cabinet design which has already been described, the M50A is suitable for wall- and floor-mounting. What is more, the inverter can be easily moved around the installation site, thanks to its surprisingly low weight of 64 kg.
  • M250HV string inverter for ground mounted solar systems
    A maximum apparent power of 250 kVA, 12 MPP trackers, a peak efficiency of 99 %, a maximum input voltage of 1500 VDC and a very wide MPP operating voltage range (820 – 1,350 VDC) – these are the key data of the M250HV. The three-phase solar inverter has a separate AC wiring box for easy and safe access to the cables and the communication. An intelligent cooling system based on natural convection and fans improve the overall performance by ensuring that inverter always operates within the optimum temperature range. This makes the M250HV ideal for areas with very high outside temperatures.

Further details can be found in the datasheets which are available for download – just click on the respective heading. The new inverters are currently expected for next spring (March and April 2021). We will keep you updated as soon as they are available.

You can get a closer look at the full Delta product portfolio (including technical documentation and several videos) by visiting the manufacturer’s virtual exhibition stand which is currently available online. In addition to the products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, Delta also showcases its electric mobility and charging solutions. We hope you enjoy the virtual tour.