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12.05.2021 - Fronius Tauro: Get to know the new project inverter

Hard shell, smart core – this is Fronius Tauro, the latest addition to the Fronius inverter family, in a nutshell. By combining features that allow for a flexible system design, high yields and optimised costs, the project inverter’s design meets all expectations of installers and operators of commercial rooftop and ground-mounted systems alike.

Power classes and product versions

Fronius TauroThe project inverter will be available in two versions. The standard variant with 50 kW, a wide MPPT voltage range from 400 to 870 V and 3 MPP trackers will be launched in the third quarter of 2021. The Tauro ECO with 50 and 100 kW has already been announced for the calendar week 21: It is designed for cost-optimised systems and features one MPP tracker as well as an MPPT voltage range from 580 to 930 V.

Convincing features

In addition, the Fronius Tauro offers a wide range of advantages and unique technical features, e.g.:

  • "Cool" product design: The Tauro has active cooling and double-wall housing that ensures optimum temperature equalisation and protects the power electronics from overheating even in direct sunlight. Optimum performance is guaranteed up to a temperature of 50 °C.
  • Centralised or decentralised system design possible: Depending on your requirements, the Fronius Tauro can be used in a centralised (precombined) or decentralised (direct) system design, i.e. directly behind the solar modules. The appropriate product version for each design is available and can be easily recognized by the product name, e.g. Tauro 50-3-P or Tauro 50-3-D.
  • Thanks to the AC daisy chaining option, several inverters with up to 200 kW AC output power can be linked, providing savings opportunities on cabling and AC distribution boxes.
  • Connection options: On the AC side, cable cross-sections of up to 240 mm² can be realised. This not only leads to high flexibility in planning, but also brings enormous cost savings during operation.
  • Many communication and safety features are already "on board", including an integrated monitoring (Pilot), open interfaces for connecting third-party components and the free Fronius Solar.web. Surge protection devices (type 1 and 2) are also included as standard.
  • Easy installation and service: Thanks to practical brackets, the system can be installed vertically or horizontally. In the event of a defect, the power components can be replaced quickly and easily by just one person. It is therefore not necessary to replace the entire unit.

Pre-order now!

Please determine your purchase conditions for the Tauro 50-3 (direct and precombined versions) and the Tauro ECO versions with our calculation tool QuickCalc (to be found in our partner login). Our sales team will be happy to inform you about availability and to answer any questions about the Fronius Tauro.


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