Newsletter 03/2017 - Supplier News

17.03.2017 - KOSTAL novelty: PIKO 36 EPC

We are pleased to announce the introduction of KOSTAL’s PIKO 36 EPC, an attractive addition to our product range of large scale application and project inverters.

The transformerless inverter has an output of 36 kW and features, amongst other things,

  • one independent MPP tracker
  • a maximum efficiency of 98.7 %
  • a high input voltage of max. 1,100 V with up to 25 modules on one string

The product name is derived from the internal PIKO EPC AC Off Switch card, another standard feature, which provides grid and system protection.

The PIKO can already be ordered and will most likely be available from stock at the end of June 2017. For more information on the new addition of the PIKO inverter family, please have a look at the datasheet, your prices for this product - as well as for the PIKO Battery Li that has now been reduced permanently – can be found in our calculation tool QuickCalc.

Download: KOSTAL datasheet PIKO 36 EPC