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06.06.2016 - LG NeON™ 2 BiFacial: the new high-performance module

LG-SolarDiscover the new monocrystalline LG NeONTM 2 BiFacial and benefit from an enhanced power output, higher energy yield and increased reliability.

In addition to the award-winning CELLO technology, the latest LG module generation features innovative bifacial (double-sided active) cells and a transparent backsheet. This design allows the modules to absorb light both on its front and back side. Thus, more electricity can be generated.

The main advantages of the NeON 2 BiFacial are:

  • Higher power output: a NeON 2 BiFacial with a nominal power of 300 Wp can produce up to 25 % more energy than a conventional module (i.e. 375 Wp). 
  • Outstanding performance in all weather conditions: thanks to the improved temperature coefficiency and the outstanding low-light performance
  • Cell efficiency: on the rear side only slightly lower (20 %) than on the front side (21 %).
  • Versatility thanks to the new design: use on noise protection walls, for smaller rooftop installations or ground-mounted systems, as well as for carports or as railings.
  • The CELLO technology replaces 3 busbars with 12 thin wires to enhance the product’s overall reliability. This is further underlined by the extended product warranty of 12 years and a linear warranty of 10 years.

The LG NeON 2 BiFacial, which was awarded this year's Intersolar Award 2016, is available from EWS from now on. Please have a look at QuickCalc to identify your personal purchase conditions. For further information, please download the datasheet or see the product video.



Download: LG datasheet NeON™ 2 BiFacial 




Product video vom LG NeON™ 2 BiFacial