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12.04.2021 - LG Solar’s new module generations NeON R and NeON H

We present a product upgrade of three well-known module bestsellers of LG Electronics: the A6 generation of the NeON R and the new NeON H models, formerly named NeON 2. They offer increased performance, new dimensions, and optimized design without compromising on the outstanding warranties and attractive appearance.

NeON 2 becomes NeON H

What makes the NeON H series stand out?
As with the previous models of the NeON 2 series, LG Electronics once again relies on the well-known CELLO design. Thin wires replace the conventional busbars for high power output and reliability. The result: less resistance in the cells and cell stress as well as increased light absorption. NeON H is available in a classic version with white backsheet and a black anodized frame or as a full black version. The latter offers a very discreet and high-quality design that can be integrated on any house roof.

Which are the main changes in the E6 generation?
In addition to updating to the larger M6 cells, LG uses the half-cell technology for the first time, which is also expressed by the name change (NeON H). Moreover, LG has once again improved in the following features:

  • Extended performance warranty of 90.6% after 25 years
  • Higher yields due to improved temperature coefficient

NeON R: V5 becomes A6

What makes the NeON R series special?
LG itself calls it the “new high-performance champion”: the NeON R module. The A6 generation (Q1C-A6) comes with a white backsheet and a black frame and has an output of up to 395 Wp. A variant with 400 Wp will be available shortly. The most striking feature of the series is the contactless cell front: Unlike other modules on the market, the busbars of the NeON R are attached to the back of the cells. This not only results in a particularly attractive appearance. The use of light is maximized, thus, improving performance and reliability.

Which are the major changes in the A6 generation?
The A6 generation scores with an extended performance warranty of 92.5% after 25 years (earlier models: 90.8%). Thanks to the improved temperature coefficient, the performance of the LG NeON R is better on sunny days than with conventional modules. Furthermore, the dimensions have changed slightly: At 1740 x 1042 x 40 mm, the A6 generation is slightly taller and wider. This is due to the use of M6 cells which replace the somewhat smaller M5 cells. The weight increases by one kilogram to 18.5 kg.

Generally, the quality of all LG solar modules is backed by a 25-year product and performance warranty – an achievement that is unparalleled in the PV industry.

Product profile of the new modules from LG Solar

Have a look at the new products including the most important features:

  NeON R NeON H NeON H Black
Q1C-A6 N1C-E6 N1K-E6
Available power classes  
Max. module efficiency 395 / 400 Wp 380 / 385 Wp 370 / 375 Wp
Max. Modulwirkungsgrad 21.8 % 20.9 % 20.4 %
Performance after 25 years 92.5 % 90.6 %
Annual degradation -0.25 % -0.33 %
Design black frame, white backsheet black frame, white backsheet fullblack
Technology 60 cells,
contactless cellfront
120 half-cut cells
CELLO Design
Temperature coefficient -0.29 %/C -0.33 %/C -0.34 %/C
Dimensions 1,740 x 1,042 x 40mm 1,768 x 1,042 x 40 mm
Weight 18.5 kg
Download Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

Further technical details can be found in the data sheets. The complete documentation will soon be available in the download area of our module partner.

Prices and availability

You can find your purchasing conditions for the latest additions as well as all other LG modules in our calculation tool QuickCalc which is available for you in the partner area. The first deliveries of the new module generations are expected in May 2021. Our sales team will be happy to inform you about the planned quantities and is always available to answer your questions about the new products.

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