Newsletter 08/2017 - EWS News

16.08.2017 - New at EWS: BYD energy storage systems

Due to the strong demand for battery storage systems, we have added another strong brand to our product range: In BYD (“Build Your Dreams“) we have found a strong partner with extensive technical know-how, innovative products, 20 years of experience as well as high production capacity.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of rechargeable batteries and leading provider of electronic vehicles, BYD produces eco-friendly and high-performance battery solutions based on advanced lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). This ensures a high charge and discharge power as well as maximum cycle stability.

Two low voltage variants, the modular B-Box Pro 2.5 – 10 as well as the larger B-Box Pro 13.8, can already be ordered from us. The high voltage models B-Box H6.4 – H11.5 are expected to be available from September 2017.

The most striking features of the BYD batteries are:

  • Design – modular and easy to handle
    The high voltage model has a patented wireless plug-in system for the battery modules which renders a separate cabinet unnecessary. The low voltage variants consist of a battery cabinet and 19‘‘-battery modules.

    This design facilitates the transport and installation and provides ample scope for extending the system’s size.

  • Scalability – (almost) unlimited possibilities
    The low voltage variant enables storage sizes from 2.56 kWh to 442 kWh (with a parallel connection of up to eight respectively 32 systems for the B-Box 13.8). With the high voltage model it is possible to reach capacities from 6.4 to 57.5 kWh. Existing systems can easily and variably be retrofitted with 1.28 kWh modules. Of course, the BYD products possess all common certifications (for example TÜV).
  • Compatibility more flexibility in the choice of battery inverters
    BYD’s energy storage systems are compatible with SMA’s battery inverters (Sunny Island for the low voltage models, Sunny Boy Storage for the high voltage variant). Furthermore, the high voltage variant can be combined with the current and future KOSTAL product range: PIKO BA and PLENTICORE plus. Other inverter brands will follow.
  • What about the price? Extremely attractive!
    You can find your purchasing conditions in our calculation tool QuickCalc, which can be accessed via our partner-login.
Skalerbarhed – grænseløse muligheder
Lavspændingsvarianten muliggør batteristørrelser fra 2,5 kWh til 409 kWh (op til otte eller henholdsvis 32 systemer ved B-Box 12.8 kan drives parallelt). Ved højspændingsmodellen kan der opnås batteristørrelser fra 6,4 kWh til 57,5 kWh. En eftermontering kan udføres enkelt og ukompliceret med 1,28 kWh moduler. Selvfølgeligt har BYD-produkterne de almene certificeringer (f.eks. TÜV).