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03.04.2023 - QuickPlan 3.0: Plan, calculate and manage PV projects with one software

Our free online tools have been further integrated: From now on, you can prepare and process your solar PV projects more easily and completely with our tried and tested communication and project planning platform QuickPlan. The latest version (QuickPlan 3.0) combines technical planning, calculation of offers and advanced purchase planning in a single tool and provides users with more security, time and success.

All online tools are free of charge for EWS customers.All online tools are free of charge for EWS customers.

In addition to many new features, solar professionals and beginners can particularly look forward to a clearer, intuitive preparation of offers for complete systems with the fully integrated calculation tool QuickCalc.

All steps in the planning process are interlinked more closely now, and the project workflow is based on a single database and a real-time comparison of product availability.

Die Softwareentwickler von EWS schaffen Überblick
Our software developers provide you with the best possible overview.

In the current market situation, which is characterised by particularly high demand and great uncertainty in terms of product availability, QuickPlan helps solar companies to save much time when implementing their PV projects. It also provides maximum supply reliability – two decisive advantages in their daily work. The use of different tools for technical and commercial aspects in the implementation process, which is time-consuming and creates uncertainties, is now a thing of the past. The same is true for the rescheduling of project stages, which can be avoided, thanks to QuickPlan.

Join us for a look at the highlights of the new QuickPlan solution.



QuickCalc: Intuitive system calculation

With the help of the newly designed calculation tool QuickCalc 3.0, users can quickly and reliably find affordable, technically balanced and available solutions for complete PV systems when designing and calculating solar power projects. In addition to direct access to the module field layout via Google Maps, QuickCalc now helps to select a suitable mounting system and recommends energy storage systems (with emergency power function if desired). Product recommendations are always based on the technical compatibility of all components, product availability over time for six months in advance and project-specific delivery conditions.

QuickCalc– Calculate only with available componentsQuickCalc – Calculate only with available components

QuickShop: Planning reliability for your purchases

QuickShop, our online shopping guide, is also integrated in this software solution. It takes into account product availability at the desired delivery time. Among other things, it comes with personalized product recommendations based on economic and project-specific criteria, complete system combinations such as energy storage and installation packages, and versatile filter and sorting functions. The price calculation is based on your individual purchasing conditions. All product data, basic parameters and prices are updated by us on a regular basis.

QuickPlan: From data collection to project documentation

QuickPlan also features the collection of object data from up to five roof surfaces and allows for a calculation of self-consumption and degree of self-sufficiency based on predefined or individual load profiles. QuickPlan also comes with a professional yield forecast and a comprehensive profitability calculation. With just a few clicks, solar professionals create convincing project documentation and non-binding offers for their customers in the design of their choice. The integrated project management system provides a better overview of and control over the individual enquiries and orders. It is also possible to instal QuickPlan on your own homepage in a customised layout. This allows end customer enquiries to be generated, pre-qualified and processed quickly and easily. Our partners use this comprehensive software solution free of charge and licence fees.