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13.08.2018 - REC launches N-Peak Series

The development of REC’s new monocrystalline N-Peak Series marks a new era for the company. The product novelty combines features of the award-winning TwinPeak Series, e. g. half-cut cells and a twin-panel design, with n-type mono cells, PERT technology as well as an extra-strong frame design.

Look forward to REC’s most powerful solar panel ever! The N-Peak with a power output of currently up to 315 or 320 Wp, which comes with a black frame and white back sheet, will be available from EWS from the end of September 2018. It is well-suited for residential, smaller commercial or industrial applications where space is limited or the roof is partially shaded.

The product details at a glance:

  • No LID: The eponymous n-type cell technology prevents any occurrence of light induced degradation.
  • Higher yields in shaded conditions: The innovative “Twin” cell layout, where the panel is split into two twin sections, enables the solar module to achieve a continued energy production, even when partially shaded.
  • Loads of up to 7,000 Pa: REC has introduced a new frame design which boosts the panel’s strength and durability. Two additional support bars across the rear reduce the bending and deformation of frame and glass under load. In addition, the pressure on the half-cut cells is minimized. This design allows for an additional performance of up to 2 % and loads of up to 7,000 Pa.
  • Flexible installation options and system design: The 60-cell N-Peak has a wider clamping range and a new 30 mm frame height.
  • Leading warranties: REC offers a 12 year product warranty and a 25 year linear power output warranty with a 0.5 % annual warranted degradation. This equates 86 % of the original nominal power after 25 years.
  • Low heat generation and higher efficiency: An improved temperature performance due to the complete backside passivation of the cell (PERT) helps to protect the cells from overheating, resulting in an even higher efficiency.

You will find your purchase conditions in our calculation tool QuickCalc which is available in the EWS partner login. The product documentation, detailed information sheets and a product trailer can be found directly on the REC website or by clicking on the corresponding links.