Newsletter 04/2015 - Supplier News

12.08.2015 - Solar-Log: special offer extended


Solar-Log has extended its successful sales campaign Smart heating with PV power. Until 30 September 2015, the following sales package will be available for a special price:

  • Solar-Log 1200
  • 3-phase energy meter
  • EGO Smart Heater

Advantage: This modular system offers an enormous savings potential, especially during the summer and in transitional periods when there is a high amount of surplus PV power. Thanks to the combination of the Solar-Log™ and the EGO Smart Heater, surplus PV power can be used to heat water which can also be used later when stored in combination storage tanks. The heating elements are activated to operate at different levels from 500 to 3500 watts depending on the amount of surplus power. Furthermore, it can be easily added to existing PV plants.

Read more about the offer in the sales flyer (only available as German version). Your purchase condition can be found in Quick Calc.

Download: Solar-Log flyer