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14.05.2020 - The SMA EV Charger: Refuel electric vehicles at home with solar power

Increasing solar self-consumption and powering the electric vehicle (EV) through renewable, climate-friendly energy with one device? SMA offers a product innovation that smartly combines photovoltaics and electromobility: the SMA EV Charger.

As the market for electric vehicles is growing rapidly and, thus, the demand for a charging infrastructure, there are many attractive opportunities for you as a solar professional if you decide to participate in this future-oriented business segment.

The SMA EV Charger is available in two versions (single-phase with 7.4 kW AC power / three-phase with 22 kW AC power) and is suitable for all common electric vehicles. The charging solution convinces with the following technical features:

  •  One-stop solution: The EV Charger can be easily integrated into the SMA Energy System which consists of a solar electric system with an SMA inverter. All components are perfectly matched and modularly expandable, e.g. with a battery solution. The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 centrally monitors all energy flows in the household, automatically identifies savings potential and facilitates the efficient use of solar power. With the SMA Energy App, one can always keep an eye on all relevant information of the system from everywhere. In addition, the charging process of the vehicle can be conveniently controlled via smartphone.
  • Blackout protection: When several appliances are operated in parallel, the charging power is dynamically adjusted, i.e. the EV Charger charges at any time with the maximum available power that the house connection and vehicle allow. An extension of the house connection is not necessary.
  • Choose from three intelligent charging modes by using the rotary switch on the device or app:
    • Fast charging with the maximum available charging power (up to ten times faster charging than a conventional household socket). Solar power and power from the net is used.
    • PV-optimised charging exclusively with environmentally friendly and cost-effective solar power without a specified fixed time frame.
    • Forecast-based charging based on prior entry of the charging target (departure time and amount of energy to be charged) in the SMA Energy App. The vehicle will be charged at minimum cost and will be ready for departure at the predefined point of time. The charging process is controlled by the Sunny Home Manager.
  • Boost function: The SMA EV Charger charges single-phase with up to 7.4 kW, which is almost twice as fast as conventional wallboxes.
  • Automatic phase switching: The SMA EV Charger 22 enables maximum use of the available energy by starting the single-phase charging process at 1.3 kW and automatically switching to the three-phase charging process at higher solar outputs.
  • Fast, automated service thanks to the free monitoring service SMA Smart Connected.

The SMA wallbox is equally suitable for integration in new systems and for an expansion of existing systems. The charger can also be used with third-party inverters (requires a Smart Meter and the SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0).

Further information about the SMA EV Charger can be found in the following documentation:

Download: Preliminary datasheet
SMA EV Charger

Download: SMA product presentation

The SMA EV Charger is expected to be available from September 2020, but can already be ordered from us now. As usual, you will find your purchase conditions for both devices in our calculation tool QuickCalc. We are looking forward to your enquiries.