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18.04.2018 - Zeversolar – News from SMA's Chinese inverter manufacturer

Zeversolar, our inverter supplier and wholly-owned SMA subsidiary, has disclosed a number of interesting updates and news on its current product and service program:

  • Eversol TLC 20k now available at a very attractive price
    Together with our partner, we were able to significantly improve your purchasing conditions for the three-phase Eversol TLC 20k. The price for the transformerless inverter for commercial applications with a maximum AC apparent power of 20 kVA was reduced by 5.7%. For more information about the product, please have a look at the datasheet. For your purchasing conditions, see our calculation tool QuickCalc.

    Download: Datasheet Eversol TLC-Serie (TLC15k/17k/20k)

  • Special project prices for the Zeverlution Pro 33k
    The three-phase Zeverlution Pro 33k is especially suitable for larger solar power plants. Users benefit from an efficiency of up to 98.5%, a very low start voltage and a wide MPPT range. We can offer you special prices for a minimum purchase of four inverters. Contact our sales team for more information!

    Download: Datasheet Zeverlution Pro 33k


  • Zeversolar has updated its technical documentation. The new versions of the datasheets now also include information on the maximum PV array power – and, thus, another argument in your sales argumentation.

    Product overview Zeversolar inverter


  • Due to a change in name, Zeversolar officially produces at its Chinese manufacturing site in a SMA factory now. Inverters for SMA and Zeversolar are both manufactured here. This shows the close cooperation between the two companies. The type plate on every Zeversolar inverter shows where it has been produced. This also applies to the enclosed warranty cards and the multilingual CE declarations.