Profitability forecast of your solar electric installation

A forecast is only as accurate as the underlying data: The more accurate your information, the more reliable the result will be.

Please fill in at least the fields that are highlighted in yellow.

In combination with the project data which are preset to average values, these are required to determine the yield and the profitability of the solar electric system. Additional data enhances the accuracy of the calculations.

In order to get a realistic estimate before the buying decision, all assumptions should be examined and adjusted if necessary. You can do this on your own by clicking on the start-button in the top line of the tool and then verifying the data of your project one after the other.

Information on your object data, e. g. the area available for the project, affects the system size and cost estimate – these two parameters form the basis of the following calculations.

If necessary, please contact your solar partner.

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Profitability calculation