Play it safe – even after purchase has been made!

Helping you help yourselves

A device is not working – is everything connected correctly? In the vast majority of cases it will suffice to provide you with a link to the installation and operating manual of the respective device in the manufacturer’s download centre.

Sometimes, however, all we can do is to actually confirm that a device is indeed defective. As we want you to have to draw on this technical service as little as possible, we at EWS offer only high-quality products.

We help you to find solutions for technical problems.

Michael Kelbch

Head of department technical service
Phone: +49 46 08 / 60 75 -575

Ronald Weiß

Technical service
Phone: +49 46 08 / 60 75 -575

Handling of warranty claims

Nevertheless, at some time you might have to make a warranty claim which is covered by the extensive warranties of our manufacturers. As your supplier, we will gladly provide you with help and advice in this situation. At EWS, as soon as a new manufacturer is considered for inclusion into our portfolio, we examine very closely the warranty commitments.

In the event of a warranty claim, it is of major importance to document time and form of the defects as precisely as possible.

I am in charge of helping you with your claims at our manufacturers.

Moritz Winner

Company and purchasing manager
Phone: +49 46 08 / 60 75 -162