Newsletter 01/2016 - Leverantörer

16.03.2016 - Luxor Solar introduces SECURE LINE

files/luxor_rz_lu_logo_claim_rgb_gold.jpgThe name speaks for itself: With the new SECURE LINE, Luxor Solar has developed innovative glass-glass modules, which combine exceptional durability, reliability and longevity with the usual high efficiency and a power range of up to 270 Wp. The 60-cell monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules stand out due to the following technical innovations:

  • Glass sheets on the front and back side ensure high mechanical stability and fire safety.
  • A special edge sealing of the laminate (used also in automotive manufacturing) provides protection from humidity and other environmental influences.
  • The use of PVA rather than EVA as encapsulant allows for a higher transmission factor as well as 100 % protection against PID.

For its products, Luxor Solar offers a unique 30-year product and linear performance guarantee. The SECURE LINE modules, which feature plus tolerances of 0 Wp to 6.49 Wp, are available in three versions: as a transparent edition (mono- and polycrystalline) with anodized frame and a particularly aesthetic black edition (monocrystalline, with black backsheet and black frame).

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