Newsletter 11/2016 - Leverantörer

01.11.2016 - REC increases cell effiency to more than 20 %

Thanks to technological improvements made at all steps of the value chain – from silicon to cell production –, our longtime supplier of quality solar panels REC is able to mass produce polycrystalline cells with a cell efficiency of more than 20 %.

In-house tests showed an average cell efficiency of 20.21 %, with the best cell efficiency at 20.47 %. This makes REC the first known manufacturer to successfully achieve such levels of efficiency on a multicrystalline platform for industrial-scale production. Beginning in November 2016, the new process will be applied to REC’s production lines at the company’s manufacturing facility in Singapore. The new and more efficient quality modules will be available in Europe shortly afterwards. We will keep you updated.

At the end of the year, we will also be able to offer you TwinPeak BLK modules with a nominal power of 285 Wp. The polycrystalline modules have a unique “twin” design, which enables them to generate electricity even when they are partially shaded, and, thus, a higher energy yield. This innovation was awarded the coveted “Intersolar Award 2015”.

Download: REC press release

Download: REC datasheet TwinPeak