Newsletter 11/2017 - Supplier News

27.11.2017 - Delta product news: RPI H3 Flex introduced

Delta has introduced a new product for smaller residential applications where maximum versatility and profitability are important: single-phase string inverter RPI H3 Flex (3 kVA).

The affix “Flex” points to a special product advantage of the device: The broad input voltage range of 30 to 600 V allows for maximum flexibility in the system design, e. g. in case of an extension of the system.

The new addition to the Delta portfolio compares favourably to the RPI H3, Delta’s other inverter of that power range, in terms of its dimensions and weight: The H3 Flex is both much more compact and with only 9.2 kg also 39 % lighter than its predecessor, thus allowing for an easier installation. What is more, the peak efficiency was increased to 97.5 %. Another plus is the built-in Wi-Fi communication which renders the Gateway unnecessary. The status of the inverter can be easily, safely and comfortably monitored via the MyDeltaSolar App on a mobile device.

For more information on the inverter, please have a look at the datasheet. The RPI H3 Flex can be ordered from us now. Your purchasing conditions are available in QuickCalc.