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28.02.2022 - Luxor Eco Line Glass-Glass with Hetereojunction Technology

Luxor is further expanding its product portfolio with real innovation: Starting May 2022, the new Eco Line M120 Glass-Glass Bifacial will be available. The initial power class of 380 Wp is the first to use 120 high-yield and long-life heterojunction (HTJ) cells.The bifacial construction ensures higher yields and the front and rear coating ensures constant performance with excellent temperature behaviour.

The key performance indicators at a glance:

  • First power class: 380 Wp
  • Cell technology: Heterojunction (HJT) / bifacial
  • Look: black frame / transparent cell gaps
  • Efficiency (STC): 20,56 %
  • Maximum system voltage: 1.500 V
  • Max. Pressure / suction load: 5.400 Pa / 2.400 Pa
  • Temperature coefficient (U//I//P): -0,26%/°C // 0,04%/°C // -0,24%/°C
  • Product and performance warranty: 30 years
  • Dimensions (L x B x H): 1.791mm x 1.048mm x 30mm // 24 kg

Download: Data sheet Luxor Eco Line Glas-Glas HC Bifacial HJT

The high efficiencies and the above-average temperature coefficients are due to the HTJ architecture, which combines monocrystalline wafers with an amorphous ultra-thin silicon layer. This promises more power in full sunlight but also in diffuse low light. And thanks to the compact dimensions at only 24 kilograms per module, this power fits on any roof.

The Luxor guarantee promise of 30 years, both for the product and a linear performance of at least 85 % in the thirtieth year on the roof complete the overall package.

Please contact our sales team for placing your orders or questions on the availability. As usual, you will find the purchasing conditions for products in our calculation tool QuickCalc. We look forward to your enquiries, also for larger projects!