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30.10.2020 - EWS celebrates its 35th anniversary – THANK YOU!

It all began in November 1985 with the conversion of a 100-year-old gatekeeper’s cabin into the first section of the EWS headquarters, where the founder and managing director Kai Lippert still lives and works without connection to the grid. After 35 years, the then installed off-grid hybrid system which consists of a small wind turbine and one of the first PV systems in the north of Germany still supplies him with electricity – completely self-sufficiently. The picture gallery and the press review in the About section of the EWS website impressively show how it all began and how the EWS wholesale business has developed since then, both in terms of space and in the perception of society.


In order to lead a company successfully into the future, you must position yourself today where you are needed tomorrow. Investments must be geared to future needs, and at EWS, it is expected that demand will double in one to two years. For this reason, the warehouse capacity was recently doubled on the company premises, which now cover three hectares.

In addition, EWS has invested massively in the digitalisation of all structures and processes for years, both internally and in supporting sales partners with planning aids and sales tools. A further milestone will certainly be the latest version of our planning and communication tool QuickPlan, which EWS customers can integrate on their website free of charge. This kind of added value as well as the commitment of more than 90 merchants, planners and logistic experts at EWS are the foundation of the company’s great success.


Many employees have been working at EWS for over ten years, some for over 20 years. Despite the rapid developments in the solar industry, EWS has thus been able to establish long-lasting and close business relationships with customers and suppliers which are characterised by continuity and trust. "Of course, such a development always includes a bit of luck as well as a team in which everyone pulls together with conviction – and I am very grateful for that!", explains Kai Lippert, who is still looking for further additions to the EWS team. For more information about the self-conception and career opportunities at EWS, please click here.


With a certain pride, the managing director of EWS also describes the good and long-standing relationships with his suppliers. "We have already avoided many a cliff together and share the same values. If you want to survive in the solar business, you need strong partners!”

This is particularly true for what will be the most important link in the value chain in the future: the solar installers. The creation of additional capacities for the implementation of PV projects is an essential prerequisite for the success of the energy turnaround. The success of EWS will continue to be strongly influenced by the business development of its more than 1,200 regular customers. Therefore, first and foremost, the entire EWS team sees itself as a partner of the trade. According to Managing Director Kai Lippert, this self-image will be continued with his son Jan Paul Dahm succeeding him in the near future.