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28.05.2021 - New modules from JinkoSolar: Tiger Pro 54HC and Tiger N-Type 60TR

The Tiger Pro 54HC (405 Wp) and Tiger N-Type 60TR (365 Wp) are two new highly-efficient mono-crystalline modules in the line-up of the Chinese manufacturer JinkoSolar. Alongside their high efficiency they score top marks in durability and resilience combined in an easy-to-handle design – ideal for installation and operation in harsh weather conditions.

The new Tiger modules side-by-side

   JinkoSolar Tiger Pro 54HC  JinkoSolar Tiger N-Type 60TR
  Tiger Pro 54HC Tiger N-Type 60TR
Specifications  1722 x 1134 x 30 mm|22kg  1692 x 1029 x 30 mm|19kg
Performance  405 Wp  365 Wp
Efficiency  20,74 %  20,96 %
Cell type
P-type mono-crystalline N-type mono-crystalline

15 year product warranty

25 year linear power warranty

 25 year product warranty

30 year linear power warranty

Load Maximum wind/snow loads of up to 2,400 Pa/5,400 Pa
Availability  November 2021  September 2021
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Tiger Pro 54HC: Big performance in a small package

Up to 405 Wp with an efficiency rate of 20,74 % place the Tiger Pro 54HC’s 108 half-cells in the upper echelons of performance among similar PV modules. Additional support comes from the multi-busbar technology which reduces material in the frame for less shading and even better light absorption. The compact design of the module makes it particularly installer-friendly and highly resistant to extreme wind and snow loads.

Tiger N-Type 60TR: All black everything

The Tiger N-Type 60HC’s all black look is not only an eyecatcher, but also boosts its productivity. The entirely black appearance comes from the “Tiling Ribbon”-technology: Here, individual cells are shingled over each other without leaving gaps and roundly shaped ribbons reflect more light rays back into the modules in comparison to a conventional rectangular shape.

In combination with the multi-busbar technology, this results in a maximally efficient module with a long service life. This durability is reflected in the manufacturer's guarantee periods, with a 25-year product warranty and a linear performance warranty of 30 years – with only 0.4 % annual degradation. The N-type cell technology in combination with Hot 2.0 technology also reduces LID/LETID effects.

The established Tiger LM series with 365-375 Wp remains available for your projects.

For further information on these modules please consult the corresponding datasheets (54HC) (60TR) or the manufacturer’s website.

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