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27.06.2022 - QuickShop – direction in the turbulent solar market

Since its launch on 5 April 2022, the new EWS online shop provides digital shopping advice around the clock and, thus, has helped to relieve the pressure on solar professionals. In times of extremely high demand and strained supply chains, more than half of the EWS customers already rely on the transparent product availability display and product recommendations in QuickShop when placing an order.

QuickShop - Entwicklung der Online-Bestellquote bei EWS im 1. HJ 2022
Online order rate almost doubled

The unique concept and the new possibilities of QuickShop have convinced our customers very quickly – this is one of the key findings a good ten weeks after the launch of our online shopping guide. Surely the increasingly difficult supply situation in the global solar market has been another contributing factor. Especially those who have suffered from the shortage of goods and delivery problems in recent months appreciate the transparency when it comes to product availability and prices. These are the major advantages of our shopping platform: it allows solar professionals to customize their solar project with the components which will be available on the desired installation date – in an efficient way and without being disturbed in the process.

If you have not shopped on this time-saving and well-structured platform, we recommend that you take a few moments to get to know the most important advantages of QuickShop:

  • Availability over time

    QuickShop displays the development of all components’ availability over a period of six months, i.e., for each product and all product combinations over the course of the next 180 days. In addition, the shop provides information on whether the respective components can be reordered beyond the displayed delivery schedule. A convenient component comparison, suggestions for matching accessories and an automatic freight cost calculation round out your system composition in the shopping basket. This all could also be explained to you at great length on the phone by our consulting team, but please note that the information basis would in fact be identical. You will find the relevant information about availability and prices much more quickly and effectively on your own in our online shop at www.photovoltaics.eu where you will be guided in a very structured way to quickly and reliably find all product options that match your search criteria.
  • Individual product recommendations

    Thanks to the useful search and filter functions, you can make a well-informed decision in seconds – whether you are looking for products from a specific manufacturer or in a specific power class. You can also refine your search according to many criteria and thus “access” the knowhow and experience of our sales and project planning team at any time. This means: The current information, product data and the development of warehouse stock that are available to us is always also available to you. You can even narrow this info down to your individual requirements and use it to optimise your purchases.
    However, since we only cooperate with brand suppliers that offer state-of-the art quality products, it never hurts to take a look at alternatives of other manufacturers recommended by QuickShop, which might have a better availability.


Die QuickShop-Highlights in unter sechs Minuten
The QuickShop highlights in under 6 minutes

We have summed up these and many other special features of our online shop in a neat tutorial. Click on the play button.

And while you are at it, why not look at the other free online tools available to our customers?

      • QuickCalc, the calculation tool for complete systems
      • QuickPlan, the planning and communication tool
      • QuickContent, the website configurator for solar professionals
  • Software that caters to your needs

    Thankfully, we receive suggestions for the further development of our online tools directly from you, our customers. Our project planning team is in close contact with many users on a daily basis and offers support for the integration of our tools into their websites as well as with the most demanding technical or sales tasks.

    Customer feedback is then forwarded to our in-house software team which consists of six full-time programmers.
Our software developers provide you with the best possible overview
Our software developers provide you with the best possible overview

As a consequence, our shopping guide QuickShop has already been massively upgraded since its launch. For instance, the automatic calculation of freight costs and the (already very extensive) search functions have been further optimised.

Our IT specialist Lars Erichsen (3rd from right), who is the head of the respective department, oversees the software development according to customer preferences. He is briefed by COO Moritz Winner (2nd from right) as well as Jan Paul Dahm from the EWS Management (1st from right). Aspects of storage and transport logistics as well as special features of the various solar markets (QuickShop is available in in a total of six language versions) are also included in the development roadmap.

Surprisingly, the user rates in the Netherlands and Poland, for example, are still significantly lower than in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. In these latter countries, two thirds of all business transactions already take place online. But we expect those who try out our shop to realise quickly how much faster, more effective and safer they can work with our tools.

Feel free to contact our sales team with your feedback. We are looking forwarding to discussing your first impressions and wishes regarding the use of our digital tools.